Blended learning

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a highly effective method of training that combines the online or mobile modal with face-to-face teaching. This method of learning minimises time out of the workplace and incorporates an asynchronous self-study journey with in-person sessions. Instructor-led training sessions are conducted in classrooms or online, using applications such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. This offers you a cost-effective way to reach a large number of staff who might be distributed country-wide or internationally, thus needing to learn remotely.

Blended learning allows team members to study at different times, depending on their schedules, enabling a more self-directed learning programme. Learning outcomes can be set to suit an individual’s personal development plan. The sequence of learning modules can be customised to the learner’s preference and assessments are conducted when the learner is ready.

Measuring your return on investment in training

The blended learning approach to training is very cost-effective since costs associated with travel, printing and time out of the workplace are greatly reduced. The return on investment can be monitored via the management information generated through the reporting module of our VirtualAssessor platform. This module allows tracking of learner results for worksheets and assessments as well as attendance at training sessions and completion of activities, whether online or in-person.

Blended learning in schools and colleges

Most schools are now engaged in blended learning to some extent. Our CAPS-aligned EasyPass worksheets offer benefits of blended learning to both the learners and educators.  Immediate feedback empowers learners to assess their own knowledge gaps in order to focus on topics needing practice and reinforcement. Educators can customise the EasyPass worksheets and use them for homework and classwork assignments and also for assessments. Reports will provide a detailed insight into the progress of an individual learner or a class or group, as well as indicate trends in topics, identifying topics that need more attention, for example.

EasyPass cloud worksheets provide excellent bridging support to students at colleges and universities who need revision of matric subjects or who need practise with online activities.

Why use blended learning?

The blended learning approach to training is not only cost-effective – it is efficient as well. Blended learning takes advantage of the social aspect of learning and can promote a sense of team building even for staff members that are geographically dispersed. At the same time, since learners are removed from the workplace less frequently, there is more opportunity for active, on-the-job skills development in keeping with the constructivist theories of learning. The resulting personalised development plans are more satisfying to individuals. 

Our platforms

VirtualBook is the perfect platform for the blended learning approach. Training manuals in this interactive format allow employees to engage with their study material in preparation for face-to-face/online training workshops and group activities. VirtualBook is conveniently available for tablets and phones as well as PCs, and since offline is the norm, problems associated with unreliable internet connectivity are avoided.

The blended learning aspect of our platforms extends to worksheets and assessments which are conducted via our VirtualAssessor online testing platform. Whether the main delivery mode is instructor-led (classroom or online), video and podcasts, via an LMS or via VirtualBook, assessments will be required to monitor the progress of learners. VirtualAssessor provides a user-friendly, cost effective and efficient way to do this.

Support and services

Eduflex clients can opt for a fully managed service in which we manage content and assessment development, learner allocation, exam support and reporting; or we can train you to do all the administration and monitoring yourself. Even if you choose the latter, you will have access to our assistance when it is needed. We believe that a factor in the success of blended learning is good support to the end-user (the learner), and we pride ourselves in the support that we give to our corporate clients, whether it is via phone, email or WhatsApp groups.


Our products

EasyPass cloud worksheets for Grades 10, 11 and 12 provide online practice and revision across several subjects including maths and physical science. Questions are randomised so that you see different questions when you repeat a worksheet. After you have answered each question, you will get immediate feedback with an explanation about the correct answer. You can review your worksheets and your progress throughout the year. EasyPass helps you determine your weak topics for each subject and then focus your revision on these areas. You will increase your knowledge, because the questions will aid your understanding and retention.

VirtualBook self-study publications are a convenient means to studying a specific topic and attaining personal growth. You are in control of when, where and how quickly you progress in your chosen field and you are able to study offline. More than just a book, our VirtualBook programs are rich in interactive experiences and multimedia content that make your studies fun and effective. You will personalise your book by inserting your own notes, highlights and answers to quizzes and activities. VirtualBook is available for Windows, Android or iOS, and by synchronising with the cloud you will have a back up to your study notes if you lose your device.

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