Content development with VirtualBook

VirtualBook: multimedia rich and interactive


Custom content development in a diverse range of subject fields

Preparing material is the foundation for any online training program for your staff. Converting existing training material into an e-learning format can be as daunting a task as starting from scratch. In either case Eduflex can assist you with content development.

Our VirtualBook platform is an interactive, personal e-book that has been developed especially for training purposes. VirtualBook delivers multimedia-rich material in an easy-to-use format that can be accessed offline, thus overcoming problems of internet access and unreliable connectivity. At the same time, synchronisation to the cloud means that the user’s answers and annotations (notes and bookmarks etc.) are backed up – thus if a device is lost or crashes work done is recoverable.  This also means that learners have ongoing access to their training material in VirtualBook for reference, even after the training program is complete.

Eduflex assists you with custom content development in a diverse range of subject fields. Whether your content focuses on finance, soft skills, technical fields, product knowledge, systems or management development we can help you develop your material or source it through our existing catalogue or by collaborating with our network of publishers, trainers and authors.

Instructional design expertise

With twenty years’ experience in e-learning we can help you to design your content to suit the audience depending on their literacy levels in language and technology and depending on the time available for learning in the workplace.

VirtualBook: multimedia rich and interactive


Content development – new training material

For a new training program, we work with academics and specialist trainers or authors to source the best possible content that can be customised for your purpose or to write such material from scratch. Once we have sourced the material and matched it to your requirements, we convert this to an interactive VirtualBook format along with worksheets and assessments at specified milestones.

Converting traditional training content

Part of our content development service is to convert your traditional training content into e-learning format. We will collate existing components of a training program such as Power Point slides, user manuals and video clips into a coherent VirtualBook with corresponding worksheets and assessments on VirtualAssessor.

Using VirtualBook with an LMS

Our content development process delivers modularised training material that is perfect as a standalone Learner Guide in VirtualBook. But we are sometimes asked whether VirtualBook can be used in conjunction with a Learner Management System … and the answer is Yes! Using the LMS as a hub, instructions guide the learner through the training program in VirtualBook and direct them to accompanying worksheets, online sessions (such as in Zoom or Teams) and assessments.


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