Self study with VirtualBook

The functionality of VirtualBook


Sheer convenience

Whether for general personal development or study of a specific topic, self-study is a convenient means of gaining knowledge. You are in control of when, where and how quickly you progress in your chosen field. More than just a book, our VirtualBook programs are rich in interactive experiences and multimedia content that make your studies fun and effective.

Personalised self-study with VirtualBook

With VirtualBook, you are able to personalise your journey of self-study by inserting your own notes, highlights and answers to quizzes and activities (your annotations). Your study time can be staggered to suit your personal schedule. Once you have purchased your VirtualBook, simply download the Reader onto your device of choice (Windows, Android or iOS) and install the book using the licence code that we supply to you. Once this is done you can access your VirtualBook offline. You only need to go online if you want to access hyperlinks in the content or synchronise your annotations to the Cloud. Synchronising to the Cloud means that the work in your VirtualBook is backed up so that, if you lose your device, you can recover your personal version of the book containing all your annotations and work.

VirtualBook is versatile

In addition to our catalogue of pre-published VirtualBook titles we can also convert your custom content into the VirtualBook format. Read more about our content development services to find out how you can benefit. VirtualBook is ideal for self-study in a work environment or for personal skills development purposes. In a business environment (whether corporate, small business or NGO) VirtualBook is ideal for blended learning programs enabling you to step the learner through modules and milestones. In addition, the learner will have ongoing access to the relevant VirtualBook as reference material after the training is complete.

Interacting with VirtualBook

Our current catalogue of VirtualBook publications is mainly focused on business skills development. Subjects include project management, human resources, entrepreneurship, communication, law and financial services. Subject matter is enriched with supplementary resources to enhance self-study. Depending on the topic, these may include videos, audio clips, simulations, hyperlinks to worksheets and external documents and reference sites as well as links to business templates in Excel and MS Word, thus providing you with a toolkit of study material. Most of our VirtualBooks include a link to an optional online assessment and a course completion certificate.

Our current titles are

  • Simply Successful Selling 
  • Starting and Managing a Small Business
  • An Introduction to Project Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Disability Sensitisation in the Workplace
  • Understanding FICA
  • Understanding FAIS
  • Understanding Your Finances – A Practical Guide to Managing Your Money Better

The functionality of VirtualBook

Developed specifically for the education and training environment

VirtualBook has been developed specifically for the education- and training environment and has numerous useful features that enhance its effectiveness as a medium for the delivery of course material. VirtualBook:

  • Is user-friendly, familiar and intuitive (the Book paradigm).
  • Offers the reader/learner familiar aids, such as margin notes, highlights and bookmarks all of which are searchable.
  • Facilitates interactive learning and self-testing (e.g. drag n’ drop; MCQs; fill in words; free-form writing).
  • Includes immediate feedback on self-marking test facilities.
  • Includes a robust search engine that indicates instances of the requested word/phrase with a link to the relevant page.
  • Provides a multimedia-rich environment – sound, video, animated drawings, simulations.
  • Provides user-friendly help.

How you benefit from VirtualBook

Available at all times

You can study offline and go online when you choose to.

Ongoing access

Gives you ongoing access to your training content even after the training programme is complete.

Your personal workbook

Becomes your personal workbook with your own bookmarks, notes, highlights and answers to activities.

An easy-to-use, sustainable learning environment

For more effective learning, the VirtualBook is a user-friendly multimedia-rich environment that includes activities, videos, animations, simulations and links to supplementary resources such as documents and templates.

Encourages active learning

VirtualBook provides tools that encourage active learning. These include various study aids such as bookmarks, highlights and notes. A comprehensive search engine  allows you to search your annotations as well as the published text. Activities include multiple choice quizzes, pick lists, hotspots, fill-in-the-blank,  drag and drop, free-form.

Seamless integration to assessment

At the click of a mouse, you can access online assessments located on VirtualAssessor.

Enables customisation

VirtualBook templates can be created to ensure that the look and feel of the material is consistent with the branding of your organisation.

Protects content

VirtualBook uses copyright protection to manage access to courses and prevent unlicensed copying of content.

Development is user centred

VirtualBook functionality is in a continual development and refinement phase. Feedback and input is received from students, publishers, educators, instructional designers, and programmers.

Enables scalable distribution

VirtualBook allows scalable distribution from individuals and small learning environments to large institutions. Its flexibility allows customisation even in a multi-user environment.

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