Human Resource Management

An easy-to-use personal VirtualBook® with interactive learning content.

Who will benefit from this book?

It is a resource for those individuals holding management positions in organisations and for all learners seeking insight into the most important aspects of human resource management.

What is included?

  • Practical exercises to develop practical HRM capabilities throughout the text.
  • Optional online assessments with management reports.
  • Direct access to relevant websites.
  • HRM templates to assist those already running a business to manage HR e.g. contacts of employment, record keeping of employees; job descriptions / profiles; key interview questions; performance agreements; etc.
  • More than 100 links to video clips on relevant topics.
  • Online assessment at end of each chapter (optional).


This publication has been written specifically for those who need to manage people effectively for business success.

This self-study VirtualBook provides an in-depth, practical insight into HRM and focuses on outcomes designed to help readers and learners develop their ability to practise HRM.

This interactive VirtualBook also includes example documents, such as an employment contract and other relevant HRM information management documents and policies.

Fact sheet

Download a PDF with more info about the contents, authors and possible outcome of this course.


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